Activities | Fly High


Main Fly High Court

The Main Fly High Court is always open during jump times. We provide an expansive trampoline area where you can play, bounce, and jump in a fun zero-gravity simulated environment.

Dynamic Dodgeball

Think dodgeball is fun on its own? It becomes an entirely new game when you can bounce and jump on trampolines while trying to get the other team out!

Bouncin’ Basketball

Basketball hoops and trampolines go together perfectly. Fly High offers a separate hooping area where you can practice your jump shot (literally!)

Flying Foam Pit

Nothing is better than jumping into a giant foam pit with a trampoline at the bottom! This is a kid favorite activity. There’s nothing better than taking a flying leap into a giant foam pit.

Bungee Slingshot

What happens when you combine wall to wall trampolines and a gigantic bungee? You can Fly High! Get the most air out of any activity here at the facility.